Pauline Batista + Madeleine Stack explore what falls between the cracks in Fatal Softness at Koppel Project, Nov 16 – Jan 6

, 14 November 2017

Pauline Batista and Madeleine Stack present two person exhibition Fatal Softness at London’s Koppel Project opening November 16 and running to January 6.

The show devotes its time and focus to excavation as it relates to self, freedom, patterns, mining, borders and “a shared language of opacity and incoherence” among other modes of travel as it relates to the body and flow.

Asking “who decides what information is filtered, which memories are stored and how the circulation of bodies and ideas flows,” the show will dig between the lines and cracks to find what falls between, and paying close attention to the relationship between technology and intimacy.

Visit the Koppel Project website for details.**