A text book written by a dog + abuse of power in Benjamin Edwin Slinger’s ‘From the Island of Truffles…’ at HA HA Gallery, Aug 11

, 9 August 2017

Benjamin Edwin Slinger is presenting the ‘From the Island of Truffles to the Kingdom of Misunderstandings’ performance at Southhampton’s HA HA Gallery on August 11.

The work will take the form of a re-enactment of a “selective view of history through falsified historical documents, conflation of opposing artefacts,” which he describes as “a text book written by a dog that just chewed up the sofa.”

The work continues with the themes in his last show at London’s LARA, which explored the world of pranks and ‘abuse of power’ with physical material.

Visit the HA HA Gallery website for details.**

Courtesy Benjamin Edwin Slinger