Benjamin Edwin Slinger

Two one-night events @ M.I., March 9 + 10

7 March 2016

Berlin’s M.I, run by Joel Mu, will host two one-night events in the Mitte space on March 9 and 10.

The first event, Closest Thing to Wearing Nothing is a group show featuring the work of Racheal CrowtherBenjamin Edwin SlingerNina Kettiger, who showed in the pop up Ying Colosseum event at Blacklands early last month that aqnb went to and reviewed, and Esben Weile Kjær. There will be a performance by Weile Kjær & fashion designer, Anne Sofie Madsen.

The second, There’s No Place Like Homes, is a screening of video by Magdalena Mitterhofer and Damian Machaj (pandamian), and a related performance “featuring a boy, shoes and hot wax”. The one night exhibition is by Saliva/Lukas Hofmann and the associated Ikea Made Fashion.

M.I rarely gives more information with their events than the bare minimum, leaving everything to be encountered in the space and on the occasion.

See the two M.I facebook events, here / here for (limited) details.**



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Benjamin Edwin Slinger @ Ladette Space, Sep 4 – 6

4 September 2015

Artist Benjamin Edwin Slinger opens a solo show titled So Sorry at London’s Ladette Space, where it will run from September 4 until September 6.

The exhibition comes at the end of Slinger’s three-month residency at the London art space, where Slinger worked to develop the concept and process for the exhibition, which he describes obliquely as: “Faux intellectuality, stupidity & science fiction seem vaguely synonymous with my practice. My work is confused and aims to alienate you and your cool friends.”

Introduced with only a few abstract lines — “A truly empty gesture, one of self loathing and contempt for legitimate apology / The Idea of the pathetic as masculine gesture / Is science fiction implicit in the lies we tell ourselves” — the exhibition’s particular medium and theme are still unknown.

See the exhibition page for details. **

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