Aleksander Hardashnakov, Parker Kay + Brittany Shepherd in The Ghost in The Machine at Motel, Jul 22 – Aug 20

, 20 July 2017

The Ghost in The Machine group exhibition at New York’s Motel opens July 22 and is running to August 20.

Organized by Roberta Pelan, the show includes work by Aleksander Hardashnakov, Parker Kay and Brittany Shepherd.

Aleksander Hardashnakov is a Toronto-based artist who c0-directs The Loon, Parker Kay is a Toronto-based artist and writer who  works across a number of disciplines to explore ” the systems and structures that operate within art, architecture, and communication theory.” And Brittany Shephard is a video artist who also founded and directs exhibition platform The Table in Toronto.

Visit the Motel website for details.**