Artist-producer James Ferraro is presenting the human folly of his Extinction Renaissance at Stockholm’s Loyal Gallery, Jul 20 – Aug 26

, 19 July 2017

James Ferraro is presenting solo exhibition Extinction Renaissance: 3D printed biome for the nomadic gluten intolerant at Stockholm’s Loyal Gallery, opening July 20 and running to August 26.

The Los Angeles-based artist, composer, and musician — who has also produced under the aliases Bodyguard, Lamborghini Crystal and early noise duo The Skaters with Spencer Clark — is showing new video, sound and image, as well as a limited 100 copies of unreleased music.

With Extinction Renaissance being Ferraro’s first show of visual work, the artist has been making forays into the gallery over the years, including the live score of his Burning Prius at LA’s Château Shatto, composed in collaboration with Maxwell Sterling last year. 

Visit the Loyal website for details.**