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Deathly misunderstandings in Constance Tenvik’s Gesamtkunst with Myself at LOYAL

14 June 2017

Constance Tenvik presented solo exhibition Gesamtkunst with Myself at Stockholm’s LOYAL which opened April 27 to June 3, 2017.

Constance Tenvik, ‘Gesamtkunst with Myself’ (2017). Video still. Courtesy the artist + LOYAL, Stockholm.

The installation re-enacts the medieval tale of Tristan and Isolde through sculptural objects, paintings sound and video, with “a cast of characters she plays herself in a schizophrenic structure.” Playing a director, a sailor, a hunter, a ship, the sky, a ghost and a lover from the past among other characters, Tenvik explores the ‘masked and unmasked.’

Plucking her own chosen themes that emerge from the storyline, she heightens the feelings that are kept hidden, and moments of reveal that cause ‘deathly misunderstandings.’**

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Memory @ Loyal Gallery, Sep 1 – Oct 8

29 August 2016

The Memory group exhibition is on at Stockholm’s Loyal Gallery, opening September 1 and running to October 8.

Curated by Daniel Iinatti, the show features work by Ivana BasicAlfred BomanDorota GawedaTilman HornigEgle Kulbokaite, Duda Bebek, Viktor Fordell, Emelie Sandström and Jaakko Pallasvuo. With only an address given, the press release is left empty of information regarding a curatorial premise but includes multi-media artists who’ve worked together before across a number of different platforms.

As an example, Iinatti is involved in both music and art-based projects and is part of two Stockholm collectives; Yoga Centre and Evolver. He also recently participated in a screening for Episode 4: Bathroom, curated by Memory participants Kulbokatie & Gaweda at Münchenstein’s Oslo10, and dispersed across other projects including Hornig and Paul Barsch’s New Scenario online platform’s Body Holes exhibition

Visit the Loyal Gallery website for (limited) details.**

Dorota Gaweda + Eglé Kulbokaité, '#CaptiveCEOsToBeReturnedToTheWild' (2015) Install view. Courtesy S T O R E, Dresden.
Dorota Gaweda + Eglé Kulbokaité, ‘#CaptiveCEOsToBeReturnedToTheWild’ (2015) Install view. Courtesy S T O R E, Dresden.
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Zoe Barcza @ Loyal, May 26 – Jul 2

24 May 2016

Zoe Barcza is present solo exhibition, Texas Liquid Smoke at Stockholm’s Loyal Gallery, opening May 26 and running July 2.

The press release, written by Toronto-based writer, Sasha Chapin, tells of a story, or a series of tiny chronicles, perhaps, about Zoe, the protagonist, who finds a special egg. She nurtures the egg, explaining to it why it doesn’t have any corners or holes or angles as a body, instead just a flat surface: “Then, on the tenth day, she made the egg into an omelette.”

Other than Chapin’s story there is no other information to accompany the show, although we may speculate that it has at its core thoughts an inherent violence in the transformation of making and being unmade” What didn’t make it into being a life, and what becomes of something when it dies?

I will think of you, as I scrape the bits of you off the bottom of the sink.”

The Stockholm-based artist has previously shown with New York’s Shoot The Lobster and at Sandy Brown in Berlin.

See the FB event page for details.**

Zoe Barzca, 'Animorphs.S01E17.Not.My.Problem' (2015) installation shot. Courtesy the artist and Shoot the Lobster
Zoe Barcza, ‘Animorphs.S01E17.Not.My.Problem’ (2015) installation shot. Courtesy the artist + Shoot the Lobster, New York.
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Market Art Fair 2016, Apr 22 – 24

21 April 2016

Market Art Fair 2016 is on at Stockholm’s Gallerian, running April 22 to 24.

The Nordic event, founded in 2006 and curated by Stephanie Hessler, has temporarily moved from its usual Liljevalchs konsthall to the rooftop of the Swedish capital’s first shopping mall, happening during Stockholm Art Week, April 19 to 24.

Exhibitors from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Finland include Loyal Gallery with work by Zoe Barcza, Helsinki Contemporary presenting Ville Andersson, and Belenius/Nordenhake showing Evan Roth‘s Kites & Websites.

The events programme involves talks with Chicago-based curator Omar Kholeif and Berlin-based artist Ilja Karilampi, live DJ sets from the likes of producer Katja Lindeberg and Market Projects by Sanna Marander and Niklas Tafra and Brad Troemel.

At the same time, Stockholm Art Week sees presentations across the city, including artists and collections from Moderna MuseetTensta Konsthall and Wetterling Gallery, as well as the Absolut Art exhibition curated by Francesca Gavin, Nadim Samman and Samantha Culp among others. There is also  a panel discussion ‘Art and the www’ including Jonas Lund and a workshop and discussion by Jaakko Pallasvuo at Index.

See the Market Art Fair and Stockholm Art Week websites for more details.**

Zoe Barcza, 'Shred IV' (2014). Install view. Courtesy New Scenario.
Zoe Barcza, ‘Shred IV’ (2014). Install view. Courtesy New Scenario.
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Jesse Stecklow @ Loyal, Mar 10 – Apr 7

7 March 2016

Jesse Stecklow will present solo show Two Clocks at Stockholm’s Loyal Gallery, opening March 10 and running April 7.

In Loyal’s space, Stecklow will present four collages, one for each week of the exhibition. Every one will be in the space, on the four walls and will have a lid over the front of it until its week arrives and it is ready to be the only one showing.

The four walls and collages (or clocks) are “talking to” a childhood memory, “imported from London”, according to the press release, which sits in the middle of the room and is a sculpture of a clock based on the model used in the on-stage dramatization of Philip Pullman’s Dark Materials. 

It will slowly turn and occasionally meet the wall collages when they don’t have their fronts on, which, the press release also tells us have tiny windows made of see-through sticky fly tape.

See the FB event page for more details.**

Jesse Stecklow, Collage Trap 3 (2016). Courtesy the artist and Loyal Gallery
Jesse Stecklow, Collage Trap 3 (2016). Courtesy the artist and Loyal Gallery
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Brian Kokoska + Loyal Magazine launch @ Loyal, Nov 27 – Dec 19

27 November 2015

Brian Kokoska‘s solo exhibition Hush Hook is on at at Stockholm’s Loyal Gallery, opening November 27 and running to December 19.

There’s little information on this particular exhibition, except that a previous exhibition by Kokoska at Paris’ Galerie Valentin, titled Poison IV, presented a kind of “total environment” within a reconstruction of a “three-dimensional image”. 

Alongside the exhibition will be the launch of Loyal Magazine Vol. 2, Issue 1, edited by Kristian Bengtsson, Amy Giunta and Martin Lilja, and featuring contributions by Zoe Barcza, Sascha Braunig, Nick DeMarco, James Ferraro, Spencer Longo, Sandra Vaka Olsen, Britta Thie, Brad Troemel, Keith Varadi, Quintessa Matranga and many more.

See the Loyal Gallery website for (limited) details.**

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