Zoe Barcza @ Loyal, May 26 – Jul 2

, 24 May 2016

Zoe Barcza is present solo exhibition, Texas Liquid Smoke at Stockholm’s Loyal Gallery, opening May 26 and running July 2.

The press release, written by Toronto-based writer, Sasha Chapin, tells of a story, or a series of tiny chronicles, perhaps, about Zoe, the protagonist, who finds a special egg. She nurtures the egg, explaining to it why it doesn’t have any corners or holes or angles as a body, instead just a flat surface: “Then, on the tenth day, she made the egg into an omelette.”

Other than Chapin’s story there is no other information to accompany the show, although we may speculate that it has at its core thoughts an inherent violence in the transformation of making and being unmade” What didn’t make it into being a life, and what becomes of something when it dies?

I will think of you, as I scrape the bits of you off the bottom of the sink.”

The Stockholm-based artist has previously shown with New York’s Shoot The Lobster and at Sandy Brown in Berlin.

See the FB event page for details.**

Zoe Barzca, 'Animorphs.S01E17.Not.My.Problem' (2015) installation shot. Courtesy the artist and Shoot the Lobster
Zoe Barcza, ‘Animorphs.S01E17.Not.My.Problem’ (2015) installation shot. Courtesy the artist + Shoot the Lobster, New York.