Producer Maxwell Sterling shares a vocal mix from human & machine before his Ironic Faith show in Mexico

, 1 June 2017

Producer Maxwell Sterling shares his Ironic Faith mix with AQNB, ahead of his Ironic faith: reveling in the breakdown of borders exhibition at León, Mexico’s Galería Jesús Gallardo, opening June 9 and running to August 20.

The show builds on a growing interest by the Los Angeles-based, Manchester-born artist in the voice as an “untouchable, mystical and spiritual” aspect of being human that as yet remains out of reach of technological replication. The title paraphrases author of ‘A Cyborg Manifesto,’ Donna Haraway, and is inspired by controversial advocate of the Singularity, Ray Kurzweil‘s “fictional futurism.” The mix here takes parts of the four-channel sound installation that explores the “beauty, fragility and efficacy of the human voice as a communications system and instrument,” particularly in the face of a bleak present and future. Voices and artists featured in Ironic Faith include Nora Berman, Ella Frears, Erick Lopez, Laura Tack, Call In The Night, Hydroyoga, and Stephanie Dietz.

Courtesy Maxwell Sterling.

The augmentation of music, sound and experience at the intersection of notions of the digital and organic has been of ongoing interest to Sterling, who released Hollywood Medieval on Los Angeles label Memory No. 36 Recordings in August last year. It has since been remastered and re-released today, June 1, via Boomkat with some additional tracks and new artwork by Sterling’s mum, post-punk art pioneer, Linder. The two Sterlings are also curating the ‘Sunset Birth‘ party, as part of the As Above, So Below: Portals, Visions, Spirits & Mystics major exhibition at Dublin’s IMMA, on July 15. You can read an AQNB interview with Maxwell Sterling here.**

Maxwell Sterling’s Ironic faith: reveling in the breakdown of borders solo exhibition is on at León, Mexico’s Galería Jesús Gallardo, running June 9 to August 20, 2017.