Introducing Aghnie’s Club Envy via Genot Centre with a video premiere of ‘Mendisi’

, 23 May 2017

Aghnie recently released EP Club Envy via Prague-based cassette label Genot Centre on May 3 and is premiering new video today by Ryland Bishop here on aqnb.

The Georgian producer is releasing his 8-track EP as a limited edition of 55 C22 tapes ‘pro-dubbed’ by Headless Duplicated Tapes and with album artwork by DVDJ NNS. The press release describes its sound as a “barrage of eco-friendly synthetic flutes, quirky but labyrinthine percussion and a kind of hypothetical global-R&B vibe” that could be situated within an imaginary Tbilisi club. There is something barren about the sound, as if the club  sounds are merely referential and take you into a place of calm  and metamorphosis rather than the party. The EP moves fluidly from one track to the next, with each feeling like a brief moment or fleeting feeling, with the longest running one being 3:13 minutes. 

The video moves in tandem with the mutating synth tones, bringing together ancestral forms of folk, textured instrumentals and mutating patterns of noise. A planetary looking sphere dominates the majority of the video, where virtual human figures and tribal formations float around to the rhythm dictated by its nucleus. Hard clashes of clicking sounds and images of ‘fire’ are softened by the rocking motion and ethereal flutes, ending in a sound reminiscent of a toy playing you a lullaby.**