Cédric Fargues @ New Galerie, Sep 9 – Oct 13

, 8 September 2016

Cédric Fargues is presenting solo exhibition Bébé Fleurs at Paris’ New Galerie, opening September 9 and running through October 13.

No additional information is available as there is no press release. However, the gallery website has several images up of collage anthropomorphized flowers with plastic eyes; non-sentient beings that have been adorned and animated in the same way as the artist’s ‘botte de paille (bale of hay)’ (2016) —portrait of a large hay bale with a small pink bow —exhibited recently at ltd los angeles for the WACKing the Piñata group exhibition.

Fargues has also shown with The Garden group exhibition at Paris’ ROOM E-10 27  and taken part in London’s sporadic Life Gallery programme in 2014.

See the FB event page for more details.**

Cédric Fargues @ New Galerie, Sep 9 - Oct 13