Paul Pescador @ Vacancy LA, Sep 3 – Oct 8

, 2 September 2016

Paul Pescador is presenting solo exhibition Crushes at Los Angeles’ Vacancy, opening September 3 and running to October 8.

The LA-based artist working with photography, film and video, performance, collage, and writing, introduces the show with a text by Ivan Ramos called ‘”Everything Becomes Form“: Paul Pescador’s Crushes and the Shapes of Amorous Memory’ (2016). The essay begins in a Korean spa and carries on to musings over memory and abstraction within the everyday interactions that occupy Pecador’s practice:

“Closeness for Pescador carries multiple meanings, from the touch of an object to the intimacy of a sexual encounter, each one remembered through its minuscule components, a collapse of the haptic and the affective that allows for recognition of our own ways of experiencing and remembering.”

Following a recent screening of ‘CRUSHES’ (2016) at LA’s PSSST on August 26, the press promises the feature length experimental film/video hybrid, a photographic series, an unpublished novella, and an installation by Pecador that embodies “a tricky kind of abstract emotional baggage: the banality of being hung up on something, chased by its all consuming sparkle.”

See the Vacancy website for details.**

Paul Pescador, 'Crushes' (2016). Video still. Courtesy Vacancy, Los Angeles.
Paul Pescador, ‘Crushes’ (2016). Video still. Courtesy Vacancy, Los Angeles.