Paul Pescador

Going Hard screening @ Grand Union, Nov 4

2 November 2016

The Going Hard group screening is on at Birmingham’s Grand Union on November 4.

Presented by Mitra Saboury for the gallery’s Digbeth First Friday film screenings programme, the event comes as part of the London- and Los Angeles-based artist’s current solo exhibition running at the space, called Pulling Walls. Featuring works by artists Derek Paul Boyle, Aaron Graham,  Tamara Johnson, Paul Pescador, and Dominic Watson among others, the selection of films builds on the show where Saboury takes her background in neuroscience to explore “the physical and psychological impacts of space upon the body” through sculptural and video works.

Also included are pieces by Evariste Maïga, Alee Peoples, Mike Stoltz, Kelli Sims, Pascual Sisto, and Sabina Tupan, all screening in relation to the “subjects, materials and strategies” the artist herself used in the making of her own work.

See the Grand Union website for details.**

Derek Paul Boyle, 'It's All Good' (2011). Video still. Courtesy the artist.
Derek Paul Boyle, ‘It’s All Good’ (2011). Video still. Courtesy the artist.

Header image: Alee Peoples + Mike Stoltz, ‘Spotlight On A Brick Wall’ (2016). Video still. Courtesy the artist.

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Paul Pescador @ Vacancy LA, Sep 3 – Oct 8

2 September 2016

Paul Pescador is presenting solo exhibition Crushes at Los Angeles’ Vacancy, opening September 3 and running to October 8.

The LA-based artist working with photography, film and video, performance, collage, and writing, introduces the show with a text by Ivan Ramos called ‘”Everything Becomes Form“: Paul Pescador’s Crushes and the Shapes of Amorous Memory’ (2016). The essay begins in a Korean spa and carries on to musings over memory and abstraction within the everyday interactions that occupy Pecador’s practice:

“Closeness for Pescador carries multiple meanings, from the touch of an object to the intimacy of a sexual encounter, each one remembered through its minuscule components, a collapse of the haptic and the affective that allows for recognition of our own ways of experiencing and remembering.”

Following a recent screening of ‘CRUSHES’ (2016) at LA’s PSSST on August 26, the press promises the feature length experimental film/video hybrid, a photographic series, an unpublished novella, and an installation by Pecador that embodies “a tricky kind of abstract emotional baggage: the banality of being hung up on something, chased by its all consuming sparkle.”

See the Vacancy website for details.**

Paul Pescador, 'Crushes' (2016). Video still. Courtesy Vacancy, Los Angeles.
Paul Pescador, ‘Crushes’ (2016). Video still. Courtesy Vacancy, Los Angeles.
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