Carl Gent @ The Residence Gallery, Sep 2 – Oct 16

, 1 September 2016

Carl Gent is presenting solo exhibition Wiðercwedolu þá Glésincga at London’s The Residence Gallery, opening September 2 and running to October 16.

The London-based artist who works across a variety of platforms including installation, text, performance and print, will debut a new body of work described in the press release as an attempt to “re-historicise and re-fictionalise the biographical record of Cynethryth, eighth-century Queen of the Mercians.” Setting out on a quest to erode embedded histories, Gent explores a humiliation of meaning that is “explicitly ecological and liberated from material.”

Gent recently exhibited a window commission (2016) at Green Ray in London and performed Questions for Meliza (2015) at Minor Delay.

Visit the gallery website for more details.**

Carl Gent, 'Questions for Meliza' (2015). Screenshot. Courtesy of the artist.
Carl Gent, ‘Questions for Meliza’ (2015). Screenshot. Courtesy of the artist.