Carl Gent

Poisoning + encoding the orthodoxy through the manufacturing process of absinthe in Carl Gent’s Multiplex

9 October 2017

Carl Gent presented solo exhibition Multiplex at London’s Kelder, which opened July 14 and ran to September 3.

The durational project included a series of performances and events that turned the gallery into “a space for manufacturing absinthe,” and activating the sculptural elements within the installation. Using this concept of process and production, the works remained in permanent flux, where the liquid was exposed to sound files, text pieces and performances. Through (mis)translation and “wilful associations with the word/herb wormwood,” each stage of the project evolved into a new element.

The series of events included ‘First Maceration’ on July 14, where Gent selected a variety of ingredients to begin the absinthe-making process alongside a reading. There was ‘Distillation’ on July 28, where they worked with the audience on the next phase of the assembling process and ‘Second Maceration’ on August 18, where they hosted a dinner for artists, scientists, writers and curators made up of the herbs and aromatics in the maceration process. Finally, ‘Drinking & Drinking (Songs)’ on September 1 was the closing event and culmination of the absinthe to be consumed, and included music performances by Perple Celotape, Video Blue, Chris Timms, Sheaf+Barley and Dusty Boners.**

Carl Gent’s Multiplex solo exhibition was on at London’s Kelder, running July 14 to September 3, 2017.

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