Anna Sew Hoy + Jesse Stecklow @ Bolsky Gallery, Jul 7

, 5 July 2016

Anna Sew Hoy and Jesse Stecklow will be taking part in the I Know What You Did This Summer series at Los Angeles’ Bolsky Gallery at Otis College of Art and Design on July 7.

The bi-weekly gatherings are organised around informal slideshow presentations by LA-based curators, artists, writers and producers of the places, experiences, projects and encounters informing their summer “travel, respite and hiatus”.

Sew Hoy is an Auckland-born artist often working with sculpture constructed from a combination of found objects and industrial materials exploring form, texture and contrasts, while Stecklow, who often works with time and collage, this year presented a solo exhibition at Stockholm’s Loyal Gallery called Two Clocks and took part in the default group exhibition at LA’s Honor Fraser. 

Other presenters to take part in the I Know What You Did This Summer series through the rest of July and August include Jess Arndt, Marisa Takal and Jamillah James.

See the Bolsky Gallery website for details.**

Jesse Stecklow, 'Collage Trap 3' (2016). Courtesy the artist + Loyal Gallery, Stockhokm.
Jesse Stecklow, ‘Collage Trap 3’ (2016). Courtesy the artist + Loyal Gallery, Stockholm.