Marisa Takal

Your Face In The Mirror… @ Moran Bondaroff, Nov 19 – Dec 17

18 November 2016

The Your Face In The Mirror Isn’t Your Face, Similar To Plastic Silverware group exhibition is on at Los Angeles’ Moran Bondaroff, opening November 19 and running to December 17. 

Featuring 12 artists — including Trevor Shimizu, Steven Baldi, Anna Betbeze, Keltie Ferris and Marisa Takal — artist-curator Torey Thornton introduces the show with a statement, which interrogates the distinction (or lack there of) between representational and abstract art:

“The line between something that is recognizable and that which is less so or not at all can be thin or pushed; furthermore, it could be argued that all things are representational, and simultaneously, all things are abstract.

Thorton notes the exhibition aims to ‘flatten’ the notion of  abstraction, thereby allowing for the works to converse in closer proximity. Other contributors include Louise Fishman, Rosy Keyser, Cady Noland, Annie Pearlman, Odessa Straub, Rose Wylie and Kelly Zutrau. 

See the Moran Bondaroff website for details.**

Trevor Shimizu, New Work (2016). Exhibition view. Courtesy 47 Canal, New York.
Trevor Shimizu, New Work (2016). Exhibition view. Courtesy 47 Canal, New York.
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Mined Control @ As It Stands, Nov 17 – Dec 17

17 November 2016

The Mined Control group exhibition is on at Los Angeles’ As It Stands, opening November 17 and running to December 17.

Organized by Allison Littrell, the show features the work of Alison Veit, Brian Khek, Sara Grace Powell, Marton Robinson, Bunny Rogers and George Egerton-Warburton, and examines what the press release describes as “the hidden origins of the products and images that shape collective memory via pure surfaces.” 

The text goes on to note the systems of control and consumption that make up our physical bodies and questions whether the influence can be reversed: “Can we have an evolution of the utopian cyborgian identity and flip the mirror back onto ourselves?”

See the FB event page for details.**

Brian Khek, 'Straw Man (Brooklyn)' (2016). Install view. Courtesy American Medium, New York.
Brian Khek, ‘Straw Man (Brooklyn)’ (2016). Install view. Courtesy American Medium, New York.
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Suzy Halajian + Marisa Takal @ Bolsky Gallery, Aug 4

3 August 2016

Suzy Halajian and Marisa Takal are taking part in I Know What You Did This Summer at Los Angeles’ Bolsky Gallery at Otis College of Art and Design on August 4.

A bi-weekly gathering organized around informal slideshow presentations by curators, artists, writers and producers in the Los Angeles area, the series aims to take the form of a personal travelogue. Participants are encouraged to “share places, experiences, and encounters during summer travel near and far”.

Artist Takal —who primarily works in painting and has shown in spaces such as SADE LA and Night Gallery —has more recently presented as part of the  PLEASE HAVE ENOUGH ACID IN THE DISH! group exhibition at M+B Art and recently offered home-cooked meals for ‘Cafe 356: A Neighbor Cooking’ at 356 Mission.

A previous IKWYDTS event hosted Anna Sew Hoy and Jesse Stecklow in early July, with the last event in the series taking place August 18 and including curator and writer Jamillah James.

See the FB event page for more details.**

I Know What You Did Last Summer @ Bolsky Gallery, Aug 4

Marisa Takal, ‘Rose Petals on My Humble Feet (What do you Talk About with Your Mom?)’ (2014). Oil on canvas. Courtesy the artist.

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Marisa Takal @ 356 S. Mission Rd, Jul 24

22 July 2016

Marisa Takal is offering home-cooked meals for ‘Cafe 356: A Neighbor Cooking’ at Los Angeles’ 356 Mission on July 24.

There is little information about the project on the gallery’s website but one could assume that it is a community-oriented event and somewhat of a relational work by the LA-based artist, often working with poetry and painting, as well as essays and video. There is a $12 suggested donation and the event runs from 11AM-2PM, or until food runs out. Reservations are recommended.

Takal more recently taking part in group exhibitions Wrath Pin Face Binned at San Francisco’s Minnesota Street Project and another food-themed event PLEASE HAVE ENOUGH ACID IN THE DISH! featuring  a number of paintings, drawings, sculptures and videos by 37 artists. The artist also co-directed a recent video for band Odwalla88 with Cali Thornhill Dewitt.

See the FB event page for more details.**

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Wrath Pin Face Binned @ Minnesota Street Project, Jun 4 – Jul 2

4 June 2016

The Wrath Pin Face Binned group exhibition is on at San Francisco’s Minnesota Street Project, opening June 4 and running to July 2.

The event hosted by Et Al. comes as part of an expanded programme presenting two concurrent exhibitions, one organised by the Californian space and curatorial project called Den and one by a guest gallery. This time Baltimore’s Springsteen is featuring, with artists Nate Boyce, Brendan Fowler, Andrea Longacre-White, Flannery Silva, Marisa Takal and Erika Ceruzzi, who has a solo exhibition, Laundered Fang, running at the Maryland gallery until June 11.

There’s little information on the themes and materials of Wrath Pin Face Binned itself but the aim of the series as a whole is described as one that plays with “incidental contact and surprising context along with Et al.’s longtime interest in hospitality.”

See the FB event page for details.**

Erika Ceruzzi, Laundered Fang (2016). Exhibition view. Springsteen, Baltimore.
Erika Ceruzzi, Laundered Fang (2016). Exhibition view. Springsteen, Baltimore.
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