Hannah Black @ Lisa Cooley, Jun 10

, 8 June 2016

Hannah Black is presenting a screening of ‘Credits’ (2016) at New York’s Lisa Cooley on June 10.

This will be the US debut of the new video work by the Berlin-based artist, which addresses “notions of debt across layered historical contexts” in an imagined landscape of speculative wilderness set against a backdrop of “contemporary creditor and debtor relationships”.

Taking the medieval practice of shaming through public humiliation as a starting point, Black explores race and class as interconnected modes of oppression enforced through public social life and debt. A potential escape narrative is depicted via “hazy digital hallucinations” of Doggerland, a now-sunken land mass connecting Great Britain to mainland Europe 10,000 years ago, and “a place where creditors cannot access their debtors”.

Black’s Dark Pool Party book, co-published by Martine Syms’ Dominica Publishing and London’s Arcadia Missa, was recently launched along with Sarah M Harrison’s All The Things at Lisa Cooley in February.

See the Lisa Cooley website for details.**