Nora Berman + Bernhard Hegglin @ Ellis King, Jun 9 – Jul 16

, 7 June 2016

Nora Berman and Bernhard Hegglin are presenting parallel solo exhibitions at Dublin’s Ellis King, opening June 9 and running July 16.

Although there is no information provided with either show, Berman, who was involved in one of Ellis King’s recent shows, Dead Among the Dead has titled her’s Charm, responsive perhaps to the LA-based artist’s past works that collect and assemble photos of people and their expressions with coverings of spray paint and blotchy watercolour frames.

Hegglin has recently shown with Carlos/Ishikawa where he printed on to the walls in group show Zurich & Elsewhere, ‘BMOML’ (Best Moment of My Life), and in Oslo’s 1875 space. The Swiss artist works minimally with everyday items and has titled his Ellis King show Bar de Ligne, which translates to sea bass.

See the Ellis King website for (limited) details.**

Bernhard Hegglin, BMOML (2015). Installation view. Courtesy the artist and Carlos:Ishikawa, London
Bernhard Hegglin, ‘BMOML’ (2015). Installation view. Courtesy the artist and Carlos/Ishikawa, London.