Kate Sansom @ Rowing, May 27 – Jun 25

, 25 May 2016

Kate Sansom is presenting solo exhibition, Assets, at London’s Rowing Projects, opening May 27 and running June 25.

The Berlin-based artist uses, among other things, popular social media platforms to pick apart new confessional forms and explore the amateur psychiatrics at play, says the press release, which goes on to focus in on a conversation around the relationship between sharing and loneliness online: “Any semblance of intimacy is quickly erased by the sheer volume of likes and followers.”

Included in the space will be abstract paintings inspired by Instagram memes, a video subverting the tropes of a Powerpoint presentation, and sculptures that evoke corporate modern office furniture. Sansom will also prelude the May 27 opening with a conversation with Paul Luckraft at Zabludowicz Collection on May 25.

Sansom last year showed at Chrystal Gallery, an online 3D gallery space that has presented the work of the likes of Harm Van Den Dorpel, Lindsay Lawson and Timur Si-Qin.

See the Rowing Projects website for more details.**

Kate Samson, Nissan Yogurty (2015). Courtesy Chrystal Gallery.
Kate Sansom, Nissan Yogurty (2015). Courtesy Chrystal Gallery.