Luke Nairn @ The Royal Standard, May 7

, 5 May 2016

Luke Nairn is presenting his work from three-week The iPhone Residency at Liverpool’s The Royal Standard on May 7.

The one-night only event comes as part of a series exploring the ‘white walls’ of a gallery exhibition and its private view, in relation to Nairn taking up ‘residence’ in the equally, if not more exclusive arena of an Apple branded smartphone from April 4 to 22. Whether the work to come addresses similarly contentious issues of access and complicity is yet to be seen but given the press release that questions the following, it probably will:

“What are the limitations and flexibilities of the white wall? Are we losing critical discourse through the ‘private view’ format? How does use of a space affect contemporary modes of artistic production? Is a gallery space a necessary resource?”

Nairn’s exhibition is one of three run by UK-wide artist-led organisation MUESLI, showcasing artists and organisations who don’t usually operate from a (physical) space and questioning how the private view as a concept affects the audience’s interaction with and understanding of the work.

See The Royal Standard website for details.**

Luke Nairn, 'Deptford v2.0' (2013). Courtesy the artist.
Luke Nairn, ‘Deptford v2.0’ (2013). Courtesy the artist.