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Liv Wynter @ The Royal Standard, Jul 4 – 10

4 July 2016

Liv Wynter is taking over The Royal Standard in Liverpool, running July 4 to 10.

The week will bring a series of talks, events, workshops and performances arranged and facilitated by the artist at the gallery and brought together under the title How Much Art They Paying You?

The residency is directed explicitly and specifically towards other artists and the wider community who are working class, queer, who identify as female, non-binary and PoC, and who are frustrated at the “lack of funding for radical art practice”, among other things that Wynter notes as a form of “direct retaliation” in the capitalised press release.

All performers will be paid and all workshops are free.

Of specific note is the artist talk Wynter will be giving on July 5 where she will be discussing her personal practice as well as her involvement with the recent campaign, movement and activist group, WHEREISANAMENDIETA, who have recently protested in London over the exclusion of women of colour within art history.

See The Royal Standard website for more details.**

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Luke Nairn @ The Royal Standard, May 7

5 May 2016

Luke Nairn is presenting his work from three-week The iPhone Residency at Liverpool’s The Royal Standard on May 7.

The one-night only event comes as part of a series exploring the ‘white walls’ of a gallery exhibition and its private view, in relation to Nairn taking up ‘residence’ in the equally, if not more exclusive arena of an Apple branded smartphone from April 4 to 22. Whether the work to come addresses similarly contentious issues of access and complicity is yet to be seen but given the press release that questions the following, it probably will:

“What are the limitations and flexibilities of the white wall? Are we losing critical discourse through the ‘private view’ format? How does use of a space affect contemporary modes of artistic production? Is a gallery space a necessary resource?”

Nairn’s exhibition is one of three run by UK-wide artist-led organisation MUESLI, showcasing artists and organisations who don’t usually operate from a (physical) space and questioning how the private view as a concept affects the audience’s interaction with and understanding of the work.

See The Royal Standard website for details.**

Luke Nairn, 'Deptford v2.0' (2013). Courtesy the artist.
Luke Nairn, ‘Deptford v2.0’ (2013). Courtesy the artist.
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Jaakko Pallasvuo @ The Royal Standard, Jul 17

15 July 2015

As part of the On Coping: A Reading for Liverpool project at Auto Italia, artist Jaakko Pallasvuo will be leading a clay workshop entitled ‘Hobby Point’ at Liverpool’s The Royal Standard on July 17 from 2:30 to 5:30pm.

The project comes as part residency, part research, and part public programme, bringing in international artists to form “emotional alliances and collective strategies” to counter the compromising social and economic pressures of the modern art world and create a shared space for exchange and support.

Pallasvuo will be hosting a workshop teaching participants to handle clay while viewing a video, accompanied by a discussion about art, about hobbies, and about “what’s fun, what’s unprofessional and what’s worth doing”. Joining him to participate in the project are a handful of other artists, including Erica Scourti and Marleen Boschen.

See the project page for details. **

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Joey Holder @ The Royal Standard, Sep 26 – Oct 26

24 September 2014

Joey Holder opens her latest show, HYDROZOAN, at Liverpool’s The Royal Standard, running as part of the Liverpool Biennial from September 26 to October 26.

Holder’s work extends across a range of disparate media; she paints and sculpts, but also creates videos and builds installations and manages multiple image streams, exploring the “structures and hierarchies of the technological and natural world” through the various forms and their abstractions.

This exhibition comes as the result a six-month residency Holder completed with Near Now in Nottingham, working with genome scientists and biochemists to research future urban farming methods and commercial fish farming. Holder’s answer is a gallery simulation of an ‘Aquaponics’ system: “a food production method that combines conventional aquaculture with hydroponics”.

See the HYDROZOAN online platform for details. **

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‘GIFs and Glitter’ @ The Royal Standard, Dec 6

3 December 2013

Liverpool’s The Royal Standard will be launching the Different Domain group exhibition with an opening party, GIFs AND GLITTER, on December 6.

The event will feature work and performance from artists Molly Soda, Jesse Darling and Erica Scourti, a full wall of GIFs and a second installment of Glitch Karaoke, as well as an audio-visual presentation from Deep Hedonia, plus DJs.

See the Royal Standard website for details. **

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