Cristobal Cea + Theodore Darst @ Microscope Gallery, Apr 25

, 25 April 2016

Cristobal Cea and Theodore Darst are presenting a screening, followed by a Q&A, at Brooklyn’s Microscope Gallery on April 25.

As part of the Microscope Gallery YES series, the New York-based artists will present new and recent works showing their varied approaches to applying a lo-fi, or DIY aesthetic to moving image, through CGI, original footage and appropriated imagery, while addressing or referencing “social and cultural concerns”.

Cristobal will be showing ongoing projects ‘Ghosts of Concordia’, ‘A Mother Grieves for Her Son’ and ‘In Syria’, where the artist’s aim is to “expand and intensify” an audience’s attention and interaction with particular global events that go beyond their passing and forgotten news coverage. Darst will screen a range of works, including a music video farewell to his previous base in Chicago, animated sculptures set in rural Ohio, videos featuring the artist’s avatar called ‘The Tourist’ and more.

Read an early aqnb dialogue with Darst here.

See the Microscope Gallery website for details.**

Cristobal Cea, 'Hawker Haunted' (2015). Courtesy the artist.
Cristobal Cea, ‘Hawker Haunted’ (2015). Courtesy the artist.