Theodore Darst

Cristobal Cea + Theodore Darst @ Microscope Gallery, Apr 25

25 April 2016

Cristobal Cea and Theodore Darst are presenting a screening, followed by a Q&A, at Brooklyn’s Microscope Gallery on April 25.

As part of the Microscope Gallery YES series, the New York-based artists will present new and recent works showing their varied approaches to applying a lo-fi, or DIY aesthetic to moving image, through CGI, original footage and appropriated imagery, while addressing or referencing “social and cultural concerns”.

Cristobal will be showing ongoing projects ‘Ghosts of Concordia’, ‘A Mother Grieves for Her Son’ and ‘In Syria’, where the artist’s aim is to “expand and intensify” an audience’s attention and interaction with particular global events that go beyond their passing and forgotten news coverage. Darst will screen a range of works, including a music video farewell to his previous base in Chicago, animated sculptures set in rural Ohio, videos featuring the artist’s avatar called ‘The Tourist’ and more.

Read an early aqnb dialogue with Darst here.

See the Microscope Gallery website for details.**

Cristobal Cea, 'Hawker Haunted' (2015). Courtesy the artist.
Cristobal Cea, ‘Hawker Haunted’ (2015). Courtesy the artist.
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My First 3D – Part II @ Microscope, Nov 2

2 November 2015

My First 3D -Part II is being held at New York’s Microscope gallery on November 2.

Organised by Ben Coonley, this group show screens the first ever 3D project from a range of new and experienced artists. Coined as ‘”idiosyncratic, playful, raw and personal”, the films range in length – from the instant to over 10 minutes. Central to the works is artistic playfulness and development in light of new technologies – learning new software and developing “new relationships to space”.

Participating artists are including, Morehshin Allahyari, Robbie Brannigan, Jacob Ciocci, Theodore Darst, Cecilia Dougherty, Tim Geraghty, Claudia Hart, Elliot Kaufman, Simone Leitner, Kristin Lucas, Joe McKay, Takeshi Murata, Lisa Oppenheim, Eva Papamargariti, Keith Sanborn, Mariana Silva, Joshua Gen Solondz, Andre Springer, Katie Torn, and Giselle Zatonyl.

See the Microscope Gallery event page for details.**

Claudia Hart @ Coded After Lovelace (2014). Courtesy the artist.
Claudia Hart @ Coded After Lovelace (2014). Courtesy the artist.
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ONLY REAL: Closing Reception @ Public Works, Apr 4

1 April 2014

On April 4, Public Works Gallery will host the closing reception for ONLY REAL, an exhibition featuring the works of artists Peter Jellitsch and Theodore Darst.

Using both analog and digital processes, Jellitsch and Darst grapple with what is and can be perceived by mapping “intangible elements onto perceptible representations”. While Jellitsch’s work is maingly concerned with visualizing the invisible and automatic physical processes that govern our daily lives, Darst works with videos and installations to create new digital environments governed by their own internal logic.

The closing reception will feature an evening in conversation with Theodore Darst, followed by a secret video premiere from the artist. The night will cap off with a performance by Chicago’s Sich Mang.

To learn more about ONLY REAL, visit the official exhibition website, and head to aqnb‘s event listing for details about the closing reception.

Header image: “Data Object” by Peter Jellitsch. Image courtesy artist.

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Theodore Darst’s #ETINTERBRO videos

19 April 2013

Theodore Darst‘s recent Earth.Art. and Inversions videos are being curated by Nate Hitchcock of open source exhibition site Apache Projects. He’s a member of the Eternal Internet Brotherhood, that communed and produced work from its recent location in the surrealist gardens of Mexico’s Las Posas from Sunday, April 9 to Saturday, April 15.

The annual communion of artists, writers and curators, begun last year on the mythical Greek island of Anafi, unifies the “creative offline and metaphysical online” and this year channels the Aztecs in its holistic approach to artistic disciplines and concepts. Where Darst’s animated 3D models in Earth.Art. were introduced into natural landscapes, Inversions takes that footage and reconfigures it into new models, to be projected onto surfaces in the surrealist gardens of Las Pozas. **

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New media artist announces ‘prosumer manifesto’.

Nick Briz. Apple Computers.
12 March 2013

Chicago-based new media artist Nick Briz has released an open letter to Apple Inc. petitioning the company to relax its policy of ‘planned obsolescence’. The half-hour pseudo-documentary mimics the interface of his afflicted MacBook Air, features interviews from his peers, and past footage of an idealistic Apple co-founder Steve Jobs elaborating on the ideology of ‘creative copying’ that, Briz claims, the company is now in opposition to.

Becoming known as the ‘default art computer’ for its user-friendly interface and industrial design, Briz and his fellow prosumers highlight that among its good qualities, a rapid updating policy makes past projects, made within the Apple ecosystem inaccessible, while rendering its hardware components obsolete far too frequently. Something not mentioned and worth exploring further is the phenomenal amount of technological waste such a rapid turn-over would produce, which is something photographer Pieter Hugo investigated in his Permanent Error exhibition last year, pointing to a global issue far greater and more urgent than just artistic inconvenience.

You can see the video in full and as intended here.**

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