Estrid Lutz + Emile Mold @ The Composing Rooms, Apr 16 – May 21

, 19 April 2016

Paris-based artists Estrid Lutz and Emile Mold will present collaborative exhibition I Dusts at Berlin’s The Composing Rooms, opening April 16 and running May 21.

The artists, who have been working collaboratively since 2010, will show three collages made up of photos taken from their car windows and 3D-modelled objects, as well as three sculptures made of mesh guard, foams, and materials like carbon fibre.

The press release for I Dusts curated by Ché Zara Blomfield describes the work as a crash, with materials and remains resembling a “bombed high-tech public relations office”, complete with sculpted human parts. Lutz and Mold’s work extends the metaphor of crash to mash and mesh in their dealing with the internet’s mashup culture driven by a “desire for a forward motion”, whereby they rather aestheticise destruction than the clean and sleek over-tones of much of digital culture.

See the FB event page for more details.**

Estrid Lutz + Emile Mold, 'Its Still Life Without You (Night Glean)' (2015). Courtesy the artist
Estrid Lutz + Emile Mold, ‘Its Still Life Without You (Night Glean)’ (2015). Courtesy the artists.