Felix Melia @ Serpentine Cinema, Mar 24

, 22 March 2016

Felix Melia‘s anticipated new film ‘Shoulder Blades’ (2016) will premier alongside a screening of his previous work ‘Lamassu Flats’ (2014) at London’s Hackney Picture House, hosted by Serpentine Cinema on March 24.

‘Shoulder Blades’, the press release tells us, manages and negotiates the process of developing intimacy whilst maintaining agency. While ‘Lamassu Flats’, made two years before deals with the relationship between the presentation of the self and the kinds of spaces that the self inhabits, which carry the “inherited and engendered narratives imposed” upon them.

London-based Melia, who is the Whitechapel Gallery current Writer in Residence, has continued to make in the gap between primary experience and how that is represented through second-hand narratives via films as well as more ephemeral video performances, and was involved in the Serpentine Gallery’s 89plus marathon.

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