Jubilee, Manara, Kareem Lotfy &c @ Creamcake, Feb 13

, 12 February 2016

The second of Creamcake‘s ongoing series of club nights is on with sets from Jubilee, Manara, Kareem Lotfy and more at Berlin’s OHM Gallery, February 13.

The Brooklyn-based headliner Jubilee, along with London-based Manara are DJs associated with the Night Slugs / Fade to Mind UK and US-based sister labels and its signature “high-speed, vertiginous club music, plus  in-group osmosis. 

Lotfy is a visual artist-come-DJ based in Amsterdam, completing an online residency, via Tumblr scroll and sound cloud mix, called Club Mirage at Oslo10 last year. Additional sets come from Berlin-based artists Mo Probs, Battle-ax and Larry.

This 2016 programme follows Creamcake’s first 3hd Festival running online and offline through November and December last year.

See the FB event page for details. **

Header image: Wang Newone. Courtesy Creamcake, Berlin.

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