Announcing Screen_

, 19 January 2016

Screen_ (read: “Screenspace”) is a new email-based art space presenting monthly shows which you can now subscribe to.

Looking back to the mail art work of Ray Johnson and those part of the FLUXUS movement, Screen_ takes pleasure in the fact that emails can be artworks in their own right and in their own form, existing in a private, one-t0-one space and intimately experienced. Subscribing to Screen_ means that an engaged audience can opt-in to receive the artworks, each made specifically for the space and each considering that the method of their dissemination is via MailChimp.

Screen_ is organised by New York-based artist Ada Wright Potter. The first show will be sent out on the last Friday of January and will include artists Jeffrey Scudder, Dina KelbermanCecilia SalamaCristine BracheVanessa ThillWill RahillyLizzy de Vita.

To subscribe go here**

Cristine Brache, ‘PLEASE, ETC’ (2015). Courtesy 57 Cell.
Cristine Brache, ‘PLEASE, ETC’ (2015). Courtesy 57 Cell, New York.