Cecilia Salama

Cecilia Salama, domain/domain (2015) exhibition photos

17 March 2016

Domain/Domain, a solo exhibition by Cecilia Salama at New York’s The Java Project, September 26 to October 15, 2015, explored the overlapping spaces of our private lives through sculptural installation. Her bright and fashionable aesthetic combines printed photography processed into stiffened fabrics. Focusing on digital motifs of the home office/gym, close-ups of office mats, zip ties, and pull-up bars the work is abstracted into painterly collage that seeks to place the body in a fluid space between the IRL and URL.

Most of the works drape around the space, hanging from the wall and ceiling. A luminous blue coloured piece of material titled ‘Koi’ sags down like flesh. Draped like clothing or curtain, the multicoloured digital motifs titled ‘Romance’ and ‘Afterparty’ are moulded into an organic shape. Placed on the floor, ‘Shmurda Rebel Chinx’ takes its name from a combination of trap songs in an attempt to “gunkify” its reading.

Cecilia Salama, domain/domain (2015). Exhibition view. Courtesy The Java Project, New York.
Cecilia Salama, domain/domain (2015). Exhibition view. Courtesy The Java Project, New York.

The floor looks like a choreography of bodies that interact through a lack of intimacy with one another. In an interview with Chloe Dewberry, Salama reflected on her interest in new methods of human communication:  “Every time I got something on Craigslist, I would think that perhaps I’d become friends with the person I was buying something from… is that kind of craving for human interaction normal?” Unsure of whether or not these spaces are a source of comfort and potential, the exhibition seems to remain unresolved, resting in a bipolar relationship with the new platforms that house our bodies.** 

Exhibition photos, top right.

Cecilia Salama’s domain/domain was on at New York’s The Java Project, running September 26 to October 15, 2015.

Header image: Cecilia Salama, ‘On My Watch List’ (2015) Install view. Courtesy The Java Project, New York.

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The Lorax Poems @ Good Work Gallery, Oct 3

1 October 2015

Zach Smith is curating a new group exhibition titled The Lorax Poems at Brooklyn’s Good Work Gallery, opening October 3.

The show negotiates the “space between science and poetry”, highlighting artists whose works are inspired by a steady diet of both populist and academic contemporary media to create what they hope is “a paean to the natural world”.

Taking its name from Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax, a forest entity known for saying what nobody much wants to hear and eventually banishing himself just as his pessimistic prophecies come to fruition, the group exhibition features the works of eight artists, including Ella GörnerMichael AssiffCarson Fisk-Vittori and Cecilia Salama.

See the gallery website for details. **

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