Hot New World Viewz @ S T O R E, Jan 7 – 23

, 5 January 2016

The Hot New World Viewz live event will be presented at S T O R E in Dresden, opening January 7 and running to January 23.

A short story on the S T OR E website contains four mini ones about each exhibiting artist and their current state of mind in their respective European towns. Pappa Modig (Kimmo Modig) Svea Holloway (Shawné Michaelain Holloway) are in Helsinki; Goran Jacotey (Georges Jacotey) is in Athens, and Jens Chan (Jennifer Chan) is in Sweden.

Each reflects on their own “exhausting realities” becoming characters in a story that is held together at the end by a simple summary that “night had fallen in Europe and the full moon stood bright”.

“The time is coming, when they all are going to board planes to that German destination and finally do what they craved for so long; hug each other.”

See the S T O R E exhibition page for the whole narrative and more details.**