Gili Tal @ Vilma Gold, Nov 21 – Dec 19

, 16 November 2015

Artist Gili Tal opens a new solo show, running at London’s Vilma Gold from November 21 to December 19.

Little information is given about the show, save for an accompanying video showing the bustle of a restaurant from outside its windows.

Tal has exhibited at London’s Lima Zulu and Tallin’s Temnikova & Kasela, as well as Sandy Brown in Berlin where she presented Panoramic Views of the City inspired by love as a brand and private wealth.

The video for this exhibition opens with the wind swaying through the tin can-potted plants that sit atop the outside tables. Two men that appear to be workers exit the restaurant carrying white buckets, and shortly afterwards a man clad in black that appears to be a waiter drop something off at the window table. Cars are seen passing against the reflection of the restaurant’s glass, and people shuffle at random intervals carrying bags, bundled against the cold.

 See the Vilma Gold website for (limited) details. **