Gili Tal @ Temnikova & Kasela, May 26

, 25 May 2015

Artist Gili Tal brings a new solo show to Tallinn’s Temnikova & Kasela, titled Agonisers and opening May 26.

Agonisers comes on the heels of a busy year for Tal, who put on Damage Control at London’s Lima Zulu and Panoramic Views of the City at Sandy Brown last fall/winterparticipated in a group show at Life Gallery with artists Lena Tutunjian and Felix Lee, and made a top ten list by Heatsick’s Steven Warwick.

No info is given about the upcoming show at Temnikova & Kasela, but it’s safe to say Tal will continue probing the capitalist machine, perhaps using post-Communist languages and references to Marx’s Capital (like she did for her Lima Zulu show).

See the gallery website for (minimal) details. **

Gili Tal, 'Panoramic Views of the City' (2015) @ Sandy Brown. Courtesy the gallery.
Gili Tal, Panoramic Views of the City (2015) @ Sandy Brown. Courtesy the gallery.