Karen Mirza @ ICA Studio, Jul 6 – 12

, 6 July 2015

Karen Mirza is introducing her new solo exhibition, The Ectoplasm of Neoliberalism, as part of the fig-2 series with Outset Contemporary Art Fund, opening with a private view at ICA Studio tonight and running at the London space until July 12.

As the 27th exhibition in fig-2/Outset Contemporary Art Fund’s 50-exhibition programme (done in as many weeks), Mirza’s The Ectoplasm of Neoliberalism will run at the London space for the entire week, complete with a selection of events throughout, including a Kundalini yoga and gong sitting on July 9 and a discussion with the artist about her use of materials on July 12.

The Ectoplasm of Neoliberalism comes as Mirza’s first solo exhibition in two decades, focussing in on women, bodies, and sites of resistance in a merging of occult and radical politics. With everything from large-scale collages, photo-prints, video pieces created with her collaborative partner Brad Butler, and conversations with artists like Zach Blas and China Miéville, the solo show positions itself as a week of provocation around the “possibility of evoking a new stance”.

See the exhibition page for details. **

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