If These Fossils Could Talk… @ ROOM E-10 27, Jun 26

, 26 June 2015

Rosie Hastings and Hannah Quinlan Anderson team up again for their first solo Paris show, If These Fossils Could Talk They Would Tell You Who Got Fucked and Who Didn’t, opening at Room E-10 27 on June 26.

The exhibition is the second instalment of a series of projects hosted by Room E-10 27, a curatorial platform run by Thomas Butler from his apartment in Paris. The two artists take over the art space with a response to Jose Muñoz’s writings on the evolution of queerness and its consequent political future, exploring the “radical potential of queer objects in a post-human and post-apocalyptic world” through a new video work.

Hastings and Anderson are perhaps best known for their popular @GAYBAR series of exhibitions and events, which work to re-materialize the gay bar as a politically queer space and a way to examine the “neo-liberalisation, white-washing and heteronormalization of gay rights”. Responding to the gentrification and erasure of alternative queer spaces in their native London, the two artists question both their erasure and their presence in If These Fossils Could Talk…, using sophisticated CGI rendering of imagined landscapes to reimagine a new symbolic order.

See the FB exhibition page for details. **