Hannah Quinlan Anderson

Ways of Living @ DRAF, Apr 14 – Jul 23

14 April 2016

Arcadia Missa is curating the Ways of Living group exhibition at London’s David Robert Arts Foundation (DRAF), opening April 14 and running to July 23.

Presented as the ninth edition of the Curators’ Series, the self-organised space will present works by 16 artists —emergent and historical —who “occupy and transform spaces”. Those artists whose practices aim to politicise the places that locate them include Hannah Black, Sharon Hayes, Holly WhitePeter Hujar and Jesse Darling among others.

The event, that seeks work that functions in a way that is “inverse to the individualised, satellite modes in which we are increasingly expected to work” will open with a new performance by Beatrice Loft Schulz and DJ sets from Juliana Huxtable and Goth Tech.

Other artists involved include Bernd and Hilla Becher, Hannah Quinlan and Rosie Hastings, Paul Thek, Lena Tutunjian, Anne Imhof and Adrian Piper.

See the DRAF website for details.**

Jesse Darling, 'Saint Batman' (2016). Courtesy the artist + Arcadia Missa, London.
Jesse Darling, ‘Saint Batman’ (2016). Courtesy the artist + Arcadia Missa, London.
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Wet Protest @ Gaybar, Aug 28

28 August 2015

@Gaybar continues its activist party streak with a new event called Wet Protest at Penarth Centre in London tonight, August 28.

Created by artists Hannah Quinlan Anderson and Rosie Hastings, the party series has always combined LGBTQ activism with sweaty good times, and tonight’s no different. “The GAY LIBERATION FRONT became the GAY ACTIVIST ALLIANCE,” writes the event press release, which “became the Stonewall Movie but the G always stood for G-A-Y always stood for WHITE CIS GAY MAN and for transphobic lesbians who clock misogyny but not transmisogyny and racist radical queers”. 

Kicking off with a reading performance by Collyn Filani, the night will also feature tunes by DJ Kerrigan aka Natasha Lall, Summer Faggot Deathwish aka Sam Cottington, and Tschan aka Tschan Andrews.

See the FB event page for details. **

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How to Sleep Faster #6 @ Arcadia Missa, Aug 27 – 29

27 August 2015

Arcadia Missa‘s How to Sleep Faster exhibition and book series launches its sixth edition, running at their London location from August 27 to August 29.

The ongoing publication and exhibition series published its first edition in 2011 and has featured some aqnb favourites throughout its five previous editions, including Jesse Darling, Paul Kneale, Huw Lemmey and Ann Hirsch in issue #4.

For its sixth edition, How to Sleep Faster asks: “How can we fuck in a way that doesn’t support a patriarchal prism and standard for sex to reflect capitalist relations? Can sex be a site for identity politics, after we are imbued with the lore and failure of the sexual ‘revolution’?” Amongst the dozens of participating artists are Amalia UlmanJaakko PallasvuoHannah Quinlan Anderson & Rosie Hastings, and Cristine Brache.

See the event page for details. **

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If These Fossils Could Talk… @ ROOM E-10 27, Jun 26

26 June 2015

Rosie Hastings and Hannah Quinlan Anderson team up again for their first solo Paris show, If These Fossils Could Talk They Would Tell You Who Got Fucked and Who Didn’t, opening at Room E-10 27 on June 26.

The exhibition is the second instalment of a series of projects hosted by Room E-10 27, a curatorial platform run by Thomas Butler from his apartment in Paris. The two artists take over the art space with a response to Jose Muñoz’s writings on the evolution of queerness and its consequent political future, exploring the “radical potential of queer objects in a post-human and post-apocalyptic world” through a new video work.

Hastings and Anderson are perhaps best known for their popular @GAYBAR series of exhibitions and events, which work to re-materialize the gay bar as a politically queer space and a way to examine the “neo-liberalisation, white-washing and heteronormalization of gay rights”. Responding to the gentrification and erasure of alternative queer spaces in their native London, the two artists question both their erasure and their presence in If These Fossils Could Talk…, using sophisticated CGI rendering of imagined landscapes to reimagine a new symbolic order.

See the FB exhibition page for details. **

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ECOCIDE @ Rye Lane Studios, Mar 10

10 March 2015

Artists Rosie Hastings and Hannah Quinlan Anderson are joining forces again with ECOCIDE, a sound and video art showcase of queer artists taking place at Rye Lane Studios on March 10.

The two are putting together the programme alongside their recently launched Arcadia Missa show, based on their 2014 @Gaybar project and titled TIFKAS (running at the gallery from March 5 to April 4).

Inspired by Sarah Schulman‘s description of ‘ecocide’ in Gentrification of The Mind as “a certain urban ecology of queer sub-cultural existence that has been wiped out, both through AIDS and gentrification”, their March 10 event brings some of the same names as TIFKAS, as well as Schulman herself, together with Jim Hubbard, Sam Kenswil, and Claire Kurylowski as well as ten or so other artists.

See the FB event page for details. **


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TIFKAS @ Arcadia Missa, Mar 5 – Apr 4

4 March 2015

Artists Hannah Quinlan Anderson and Rosie Hastings come to Arcadia Missa for their first joint solo exhibition, titled TIFKAS and running from  March 5 to April 4.

The exhibition is envisioned as a re-materialisation of the idea of a gay bar as a politically queer space, an idea that stemmed from and with their joint 2014 project @Gaybar. Much like their project, the show envisages “a fantasy gay bar through reimagining queer iconography, history and writing that spans geological, political and temporal locations”.

Accompanying the exhibition will be a book titled after the @Gaybar project, with contributions from Caspar Heinemann, Jesse Darling, Hannah Black and Kate Tempest, and excerpts from the incredible part-memoirs of Leslie Feinberg in Stone Butch Blues.

See the artists’ joint website for details. **

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Gaybar celebrates Leslie Feinberg @ Rye Lane Studios, Dec 10

9 December 2014

Gaybar continues its Where is the body series at London’s Rye Lane Studios with a night dedicated to Leslie Feinberg on December 10.

The series founders, Hannah Quinlan Anderson and Rosie Hastings (Sonya Blade on FB) follow up August’s Monique Wittig reading and September’s Jackie Wang reading with a special night dedicated to the recently passed Leslie Feinberg, US transgender activist and author of the amazing Stone Butch Blues.

The night will feature free-flowing tequila, special readings by Hannah Black, Aimee Heinemann and Jesse Darling, as well as a screening of Anderson and Hasting’s new film.

See the FB event page for details. **


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Where is the body #4 @ Rye Lane Studios, Sep 21

19 September 2014

London’s Rye Lane Studios is bringing back Where is the body #4 with a reading of Jackie Wang‘s Against Innocence on September 21.

The critical reading series’s last run, Where is the body #3, also took place at the Rye Lane space with a reading of Monique Wittig’s The Straight Mind, closing off the three-day I Don’t Know Why I Like It, I Just Do, Dick Dick Dick exhibition that ran as part of GayBar@Rye Lane Studios.

On Sunday, Where is the body-creators Hannah Quinlan Anderson and Rosie Hastings (Sonya Blade) take on Wang’s latest, Against Innocence, originally published in 2012 in Volume 1 of the materialist feminist journal, Lies. Where as some of Wang’s earlier writing, including zines like On Being Hard Femme and The Phallic Titty Manifesto, looked at queer sexuality and gender, Almost Innocence dives headfirst into race politics with her examination of the political response to the murder of Troy Davis and the role of legal system as an agent of racial violence.

See the FB event page for details. **





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I Don’t Know Why I Like It… @ Gay Bar, Aug 29 – 31

27 August 2014

London’s Rye Lane Studios will be hosting the I Don’t Know Why I Like It, I Just Do, Dick Dick Dick @GayBar exhibition from August 29 to 31.

With the institution of ‘gay’ deemed inextricable from the shifting logics of the gay bar itself, the exhibition and event series aims to re-fabricate the mythology of homosexuality. Starting with a private viewing and launch party on August 29, I Don’t Know Why I Like It… looks for a space of confused gender and sexuality, where “a sincere expression of embodiment unravels into a critique of these bodies”.

Created by Hannah Quinlan Anderson and Rosie Hastings, who are also the short exhibition’s headliners, Friday’s launch party will feature cheap cocktails, an exclusive guest list, and back-to-back DJs, including a DJing debut from Sam Thottington as Summer Faggot Death Wish with some “high-energy sad bliss faggot vibes” and a “#guninmypurse” dress code.

Aside from Thottington, the promo for the exhibition is done in collaboration with Sam Kenswil and Aimee Heinemann, and the three-day series will also feature a discussion of Monique Wittig’s The Straight Mind at the Where is the Body #3 event on August 31.

See the FB event page for details. **

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