Balconia @ Swimming Pool, Apr 25 – May 31

, 23 April 2015

Bulgarian art space Swimming Pool is opening its inaugural exhibition Balconia at their Sofia location, running from April 25 to May 31.

The premise of the space —a terrace pool atop a modernist building at the heart of Sofia —works swimmingly with the themes of its inaugural exhibition: a vacation spent at home, on one’s balcony. A “dated domestic setting — infused with fragmented memories” marks the exhibition, which invites not a change of geography and a redefinition of it.

The group exhibition brings three different artists contributing work: Stefania Batoeva expands on a new exploration of a fictional Club Caligula in dense paintings; Emanuel Röhss presents synthetic sculptures composed of found objects; and Yves Scherer plays with simulacrum and privacy in his latest works.

See the exhibition page for details. **

Emanuel Röhss. Work from Knut Ljungfelt at Project Native Informant.
Emanuel Röhss, Knut Ljungfelt at Project Native Informant.