Bea Fremderman @ Aran Cravey, Apr 23 – Jun 13

, 21 April 2015

Bea Fremderman opens a new solo exhibition titled Hindsight is 20/20 at LA’s Aran Cravey gallery, running from April 23 to June 13.

The Moldovan-born and NYC-based artist runs a curated art space in Pilsen called Kunsthalle New, and has been exhibiting in solo and group exhibitions for more than half a decade. Her latest show at Aran Cravey is accompanied by a fiction-like press release, telling the story of a man named Grisha and his talking bird companion:

“The city is ugly,” Grisha said, tired and unsure of what else could even be said. An expression of mirth flashed in the bird’s eyes; the bird made a caustic dip in the air and blinked at Grisha. “Bird I don’t love being the object of your ire. What do you want from me? Where could I even start?” A weird thought occurred to Grisha, but he couldn’t shake it, so he asked, “Did God send you?” Met with silence from the bird, a few steps later: “God?”

See the exhibition page for details. **