Bea Fremderman

Crawling out from the earth’s core in the alternative ecosystem of Cabin Pressure at BBQLA, Jul 22 – Aug 12

20 July 2017

The Cabin Pressure group exhibition is on at Los Angeles’ BBQLA, opening July 22 and running to August 12.

Curated by Quinn Harrelson, the show includes work by Janiva Ellis, manuel arturo abreuCarlos Reyes, Ser Castro Serpas, Bea Fremderman  and Purvis Young. 

The exhibition asks the questions, “To what extent does a group of works construct an environment? an ecosystem? To what extent are they truncated into mechanisms of the jungle? into a single human body?” Beyond that the press release there’s little information on the nature of the works to be presented, instead depicting a post-apocalyptic narrative with a different spin, where something else “crawls out from the earth’s core,” offering an alternative to doom.

Visit the BBQLA website for details.**


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Tapping into the third nature with The Earth is A Trampled Garden pop-up group show on an NYC rooftop

18 July 2017

The Earth is A Trampled Garden group exhibition was held at a rooftop on New York’s 269 Kosciuszko Street on June 25.

Laurie Kang, ‘Root’ (2017) Installation view. Courtesy the artist + Bryce Gates 269 Kosciuszko Street, New York.

The pop-up space was organized by Bryce Grates and only ran for one evening. The show explored concepts of nature, economy, cities and artificiality as well as entertainment within the capitalist agenda and included works by Bea FremdermanFicus Interfaith (Ryan Bush and Raphael Cohen) and Laurie Kang

Using a range of materials, from found and handmade objects to plants and naturally occurring reactions, the works are brought together and move in the direction of a perhaps fictional, or not-yet-tapped, ‘third nature,’ providing a “new take on the ways that natural materials can be considered and reconstructed for an audience.” **

The Earth is A Trampled Garden group exhibition was held on a rooftop on New York’s 269 Kosciuszko Street, June 25, 2017.

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Bea Fremderman @ Aran Cravey, Apr 23 – Jun 13

21 April 2015

Bea Fremderman opens a new solo exhibition titled Hindsight is 20/20 at LA’s Aran Cravey gallery, running from April 23 to June 13.

The Moldovan-born and NYC-based artist runs a curated art space in Pilsen called Kunsthalle New, and has been exhibiting in solo and group exhibitions for more than half a decade. Her latest show at Aran Cravey is accompanied by a fiction-like press release, telling the story of a man named Grisha and his talking bird companion:

“The city is ugly,” Grisha said, tired and unsure of what else could even be said. An expression of mirth flashed in the bird’s eyes; the bird made a caustic dip in the air and blinked at Grisha. “Bird I don’t love being the object of your ire. What do you want from me? Where could I even start?” A weird thought occurred to Grisha, but he couldn’t shake it, so he asked, “Did God send you?” Met with silence from the bird, a few steps later: “God?”

See the exhibition page for details. **

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