Sterling Crispin @ Channel Normal, Mar 4 – 25

, 2 March 2015

Hawaiian artist Sterling Crispin brings his latest exhibition DATA-MASKS to Channel Normal, where it will be on view from March 4 to 25.

The online exhibition space makes its mark concentrating predominately on time- and web-based words, and Crispin’s show hits both marks. The co-author of OpenDroneControl, an open source software platform for developing interactive art and research projects with aerial robotics, has been working in net-based and net-focused practices for years and DATA-MASKS only further builds on this foundation.

Like a lot of his previous work, DATA-MASKS explores spirituality, consciousness and the notion of impermanence in the exponentially growing reality of computing technology and networked global culture.

Using state-of-the-art face detection algorithms to build a series of 3D printed face masks that satisfy such algorithms, the goal, says Crispin, is “to show the machine what it’s looking for, to hold a mirror up to the all-seeing eye of the digital-panopticon we live in and let it stare back into its own mind”. 

Visit the Channel Normal website on March 4 to view Crispin’s work or visit the FB exhibition page for details. **