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Anne de Boer @ Goldsmithsgallery, Apr 14 – 28

13 April 2016

Anne de Boer is presenting two projects, The Ripped Uk power plug at London’s Goldsmithsgallery and Two Admirable Uncles Communicating to the Beat online at Channel Normal, opening April 14 and running to April 28.

The London-based artist responsible for ongoing project The Mycological Twist with Eloïse Bonneviot, will launch new works constructed through databases and content generators that offer inspiration in uninspired situations. They’ll materialise in a sculptural installation at Goldsmiths that will also host several randomly composed songs to feature during the The Ripped Uk power plug exhibition private view.

Meanwhile, Two Admirable Uncles Communicating to the Beat will display the content being gathered by a bot, the images harvested for the aforementioned installation, as part of online exhibition space Channel Normal’s ECKS-EN-IS series.

Bringing the two projects together are the press releases for the respective shows, featuring two mildly non-sensical short stories written through a plot-generator and sharing a character named after, unsurprisingly, Anne him (or, as per the narratives, her-) self: “I love you and I want Creation.”

See the Channel Normal FB event and Goldsmithsgallery website for details.**

Anne de Boer, Two Admirable Uncles Communicating to the Beat (2016) @ Channel Normal.
Anne de Boer, Two Admirable Uncles Communicating to the Beat (2016) @ Channel Normal. Courtesy the artist.
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David Blandy @ Channel Normal, Feb 9 – 23

9 February 2016

David Blandy will present a tutorial video for online platform Channel Normal between February 9 and 13.

The work will be a step by step tutorial/video guide to how to make a video about extinction and the end or beginning of the world, using just editing software and the internet.

The event’s image is an interesting version of a press release-cum-guide in its own right to the ensuing work, or show. It reads: “Use key frames to start at nothing, flicker up for a moment, then go to ultimate brightness”. There is something ironic but really sad about the text that presents itself forward and you don’t quite know where it is in relation to the video, or the show.

Look out for the channel normal site as of the February 9.

See the FB Event page for more details**

David Blandy, Stills from 'Hercules: Rough Cut' (2015). Courtesy the artist.
David Blandy, ‘Stills from ‘Hercules: Rough Cut’ (2015). Courtesy the artist.

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Joey Holder @ Channel Normal, Jul 10

7 July 2015

Online exhibition space Channel Normal invites another artist to exhibit digitally, this time bringing in UK artist Joey Holder for a solo exhibition titled Proteus, launching on July 10.

Holder, who was a recent finalist for the Converse/Dazed Emerging Artist Award, follows in the footsteps of a series of solo digital exhibitions launched by Channel Normal, including recent ones with Viktor Timofeev, Sterling Crispin, and Lawrence Lek.

With Proteus, Holder is exploring environmental “metagenomics”, or the study of genetic material recovered directly from environmental samples, as well as, according to the exhibition’s press release, “microbiome analysis, ecological remediation, self-monitoring, self-sensing, sense tracking, DNA molecular replacement for silicon microchips”.

See the Channel Normal website on July 10 to view the exhibition. **

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Viktor Timofeev @ Channel Normal, May 12 – 28

11 May 2015

The final downloadable version of Viktor Timofeev‘s Proxyah game will be ready to be played in your own home, released through the online exhibition space, from May 12 to May 28.

Timofeev’s game was previously installed at Riga’s kim? Contemporary Art Centre while it’s second version was appeared at London’s Jupiter Woods (which we reviewed here). The third and final edition of the game was finalized during Timofeev’s artist residency at Vilnius’s Rupert this April.

This game’s final iteration, built in Unity 4,  contains an original soundtrack composed by recsund, as well as a text by Monika Lipšic, and a complete guide (PDF). 

See the Proxyah page for details. **


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Sterling Crispin @ Channel Normal, Mar 4 – 25

2 March 2015

Hawaiian artist Sterling Crispin brings his latest exhibition DATA-MASKS to Channel Normal, where it will be on view from March 4 to 25.

The online exhibition space makes its mark concentrating predominately on time- and web-based words, and Crispin’s show hits both marks. The co-author of OpenDroneControl, an open source software platform for developing interactive art and research projects with aerial robotics, has been working in net-based and net-focused practices for years and DATA-MASKS only further builds on this foundation.

Like a lot of his previous work, DATA-MASKS explores spirituality, consciousness and the notion of impermanence in the exponentially growing reality of computing technology and networked global culture.

Using state-of-the-art face detection algorithms to build a series of 3D printed face masks that satisfy such algorithms, the goal, says Crispin, is “to show the machine what it’s looking for, to hold a mirror up to the all-seeing eye of the digital-panopticon we live in and let it stare back into its own mind”. 

Visit the Channel Normal website on March 4 to view Crispin’s work or visit the FB exhibition page for details. **

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