Shana Moulton + Sophie Jung @ Medienwerkstatt Wien, Nov 20 – Dec 8

, 19 November 2014

Artists Shana Moulton and Sophie Jung will be exhibiting DOUBLE at Vienna’s Medienwerkstatt from November 20 to December 8.

Medienwerkstatt’s experimental “Carte Blanche for Young Media Artists” is awarded to a different artist each year, and 2014 goes to artist duo Markus Hanakam and Roswitha Schuller and their “HOLO” and “PARA” exhibition formats.

For Medienwerkstatt’s third program, Hanakam and Schuller took on the role of curators and invited performance and video artist Moulton and media-performance artist Jung for a collaborative exhibition. The two artists diverse styles bleed into one another through the access points of fantasy and disassociation seen through Moulton’s New Age alter ego in her performance cycle, ‘Whispering Pines’, and Jung’s abandonment of self.

See the DOUBLE exhibition page for details. **

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