Emily Jones @ Lima Zulu, Aug 13

, 13 August 2014

The latest exhibition from Emily Jones, titled The Hudson River, opens at London’s Lima Zulu on August 13.

Following up Jones’ Prayer for the Sonoran Desert at Life earlier this year, the descriptor on the gallery website consists of fragmental phrases pointing to various fields of study:

“A database of medicinal plants of Bangladesh – A history of prophecy in Israel – The foraging success of the Scarlet Ibis – Treatise on the propagation of orchid seeds in vitro –Pigeon Homing as a Paradigm – The Lake as a Microcosm

I instinctively put the rose quartz in my mouth and she tells me I shouldn’t do that.

(It still stands)

#chthonic #oneiric #apotheosis”

In a convergence of references to life sciences and history and its appendages of (hashtag) spiritual transcendence and fantasy, the text and its title presents a view from the vantage point of a river course starting at a watershed and ending in New York.

See the Lima Zulu website for some info. **