Emily Jones @ Life Gallery, Feb 22

, 22 February 2014

Emily Jones is showing Prayer for the Sonoran Desert at London’s Life space, opening February 22 and running to February 28.

Named after the North American desert, one of the hottest in the region, the announcement comes with a blurb taken in fragments from Charles Darwin’s Journal and Remarks, more commonly known as The Voyage of the Beagle, with some hashtag appendices referencing spiritual philosophy, cellular biology and semiotic theory:

“Effect of lava and a calcareous beach – Habits of Aplysia and Octopus –
Extent of granite – Burnished rocks – Habits of Diodon – Causes of discoloured
sea – Clouds on Corcovado – Heavy rain – Musical Hyla – Lampyris and its larvae –
Elater, springing powers of – Blue haze – Noise of butterfly – Ants – spider
with imperfect web – Partridges – Geology – Absence of trees – Salt lakes –
flamingos – Sacred tree – Patagonian Hare – Sand dunes – Ground encrusted
with Glauber salt – Saline streams – Level plains – Habits of Jaguar – state
of government – Phosphorescence of sea – Immense streams of lava – horses,
rabbit, wolf-like fox – Fire made of bones – Habits of puma – Hummingbirds –
scenes of violence – Gold mines – Cause of great waves – Permanent elevation
of land – Great lake of fluid rock beneath crust of the globe – Tameness of
birds – Falkland Islands – Fear of man an acquired instinct – Coral formations
resisting power of ocean – Stones transported by roots of trees

#dharma #umwelt #pluripotent”

See the Life website for details. **