Ultrademon’s Voidic Charms out Jul 25

, 15 May 2014
Ultrademon‘s second album Voidic Charms is coming out on Coral Records Internazionale, July 25.

As co-enabler of the now-infamous seapunk microgenre, Ultrademon released his aptly-titled LP Seapunk on his own Fire For Effect Rephlex sub-label (a previous alias attributed to the opening track ‘Yr So Wet 1.0′ from Coral Records’ #Seapunk Volume 1 compilation) last year.

And while the style and aesthetic was pronounced dead on arrival at the SNL stage with Rihanna, some of the artists that came from that series of bandcamp collections have moved on to much bigger and better things, including Le1f and Slava, so here’s to similar strokes for Ultrademon.

Read a piece on the life and death of the microgenre or see the Tailored Communications site for a full song list. **