Jesse Garcia @ Kinderhook & Caracas, May 9 – Jun 7

, 6 May 2014

Artist and producer Steven Warwick (aka Heatsick) is presenting the inaugural exhibition of the late Jesse GarciaTrial & Error, at Berlin’s Kinderhook & Caracas, opening May 9 and running to June 7.

An artist and filmmaker working across photography, political documentary and mixed media, Garcia passed away last year leaving ongoing projects and a largely private body of photography work behind him, to be shown for the first time in Berlin along with “various objects and ephemera” he created or collected in his lifetime.

Initiated and curated by Warwick, the producer’s latest Heatsick album RE-ENGINEERING, released on PAN last year, was dedicated to Garcia and also features a vocal sample from the artist on the track ‘DIAL AGAIN’. A selection of  his music collection along with a video of a Heatsick club visual called ‘Déviation Loop’, will also carry the exhibition into café Martinique next door.

The press release for the exhibition comes accompanied by this statement from Warwick:

“Whilst writing this text I was reminded of a phrase by philosopher Reza Negarestani about Inhumanism and Rationalism, in which he posits ‘a demand for construction, to define what it is to be human by treating human as a constructible hypothesis, a space of navigation and intervention’.

Just as the site of Garcia as a space of remembrance should not be mere nostalgia, but rather components to assemble thought aimed towards the future, so this exhibition is comprised of visual cues such as the metal cabinet (part supermarket, part archive), the record archive to be played by the viewer, and the construction piping, to be viewed and experienced as an unlocked archive, set in motion and reconfigured with current emotions, thoughts and experiences looking forwards.”

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