21st Century Pop @ ICA, Mar 6

, 6 March 2014

Artists Film Club‘s ’21st Century Pop’ night will be screening works by seven artists engaging with popular culture at the ICA on March 6.

Whether deconstructing, disrupting or satirising its structures, HD Boyz, Petra Cortright, Adham Faramawy, Hannah Perry, Jon Rafman, Magali Reus, and Telfar Clemens create work that is often incredibly discerning, problematic or vital in their interpretations of one of the most powerful tools for mass communication in the world.

Whether it’s self-mediation via user software, an “extremely normal” fashion line or an auto-tuned to the hilt boyband singing love songs to their computer, there’s no doubting a fairly decent cross-section of consumer culture via art.

See the ICA website for details. **