Fulfilment Centre @ The Sunday Painter, Mar 1 – 30

, 28 February 2014

The N/V_PROJECTS-curated Fulfilment Centre group exhibition is on at London’s The Sunday Painter, opening March 1 and running to March 30.

In response to the commercialisation of Eastern spirituality in the form of Western ‘Wellness’ and ‘New Age’ business models, the Peckham curatorial team engage work by Timur Si-Qin, Neil Beloufa, Julie Born Schwartz, Lewis Teague Wright, Tyra Tingleff and Christopher Kulendran Thomas in relation to this branded space referencing “the betterment of the consumer”.

With a significant portion of the Amazon book catalogue occupied by these ‘Fulfilment Centres’, featuring self help books on The Seven Laws to Spiritual Success and Reiki for Dummies, the exhibition attempts to negotiate Michael York’s “contemporary religious consumer market” at that “awkward zone of uncertainty” between cynicism and sincerity. That’s while being conscious of spiritual practice and its commodification, which in turn raises questions of access, private versus public ownership, within the wider discourse of immaterial production. Because what could be more immaterial than the soul?

See The Sunday Painter website for details. **