Benedict Drew @ Matt’s Gallery, Feb 16 – April 20

, 13 February 2014

Benedict Drew presents solo exhibition Heads May Roll at Matt’s Gallery in London, opening on February 16 then running from February 19 to April 20.

Whether inspired by the popular idiom or a reference to a revolution that could but might not happen, the large-scale installation draws on the essay ‘Why I Am The Author of Sound Poetry and Free Poetry’ by Henri Chopin in exploring the subliminal effects of digital mediation and consumerism both physically and psychologically by constructing a “fantastical future world in which the image, word and body are exhausted”.

Included in the blurb is a pertinent Chopin quote well-worth pondering:

 “all-powerful Word, the Word that reigns over all…(we) listen to it everywhere describe us and describe events, tells us how to vote, and whom we should obey”

See the Matt’s Gallery website for details. **

Header image: Benedict Drew, Heads May Roll, 2014. Detail courtesy the artist and Matt’s Gallery, London.