Lotte Rose Kjær @ IMT Gallery, Jan 23

, 23 January 2014

Copenhagen-based artist Lotte Rose Kjær Skau is presenting her first solo exhibition, United We/I Stand Etc. at London’s Image Music Text Gallery, running January 23 to March 2.

Working across video, installation and sound, Kjær Skau draws from a culture of mass music releases by unsigned hip hop artists in an effort to generate a growing swell of interest in the mainstream music industry. As a musician in her own right releasing material via Sound Esc, she’s taken a similar approach to her own video and gif work since 2012, by accumulating multiple self-portraits replicating instances of “vanity, fragility and serendipitous beauty” in online user-generated content to establish a thread that feeds into a stronger current of contemporary culture.

See the Image Music Text Gallery website for details. **