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Golf + gulf rituals: Plastique Fantastique will bring to life Bi-SON-Oil-MAN at IMT, Apr 27

27 April 2017

The ‘Plastique Fantastique Welcome Bi SON Oil MAN’ performance at London’s IMT Gallery will take place on April 27.

David Burrows, Alex Marzeta, Simon O’Sullivan and Vanessa Page of collective Plastique Fantastique will perform a series of Drone Folk songs played in a loop throughout the evening. Over the course of the night, the group will follow a series of steps, using “chroma-key milk, oil, golf-clubs and projections” to bring fictional character Bi-SON-Oil-MAN to life. 

The performance is a new iteration from a previous one commissioned by Lucy A. Sames and Dane Sutherland for CHEMHEX EXTRACT exhibition at Aberdeen’s PVA Gallery.

Visit the IMT Gallery website for details.**

Plastique Fantastique ‘Bison’ performance documentation. Courtesy the artists.
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Wandering/Wilding: Blackness on the Internet (2016) Exhibition Photos

6 December 2016

The Wandering/Wilding: Blackness on the Internet group exhibition at London’s IMT Gallery opened on November 4 and is running until December 11. 

Curated by Legacy Russell, the show mobilises “an exploration of race via the material of the Internet” featuring work by niv Acosta, Hannah Black, Evan Ifekoya, E. Jane, Devin Kenny, Tabita Rezaire and Fannie Sosa

Moving beyond the installation at IMT,  the project organized a number of public programmes including the upcoming Culture Now: Evan in Conversation with Ain Bailey at the ICA on December 9.

A panel discussion of Technology Now: Blackness on the Internet at the ICA moderated by Russell in conversation with Rizvanna Bradley, Taylor Le Melle and Derica Shields was held on November 16 as well as niv Acosta’s Clapback performance at IMT on December 1.**

Fannie Sosa, 'I Need This In My Life' (2016). Installation view. Courtesy the artist + IMT Gallery, London.
Fannie Sosa, ‘I Need This In My Life’ (2016). Installation view. Courtesy the artist + IMT Gallery, London.


Exhibition photos top right.

The Wandering/Wilding: Blackness on the Internet group exhibition is on at London’s IMT Gallery running from November 4 December 11, 2016. 

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Wandering/WILDING @ IMT, Nov 3 – Dec 11

1 November 2016

The Wandering/WILDING: Blackness on the Internet group exhibition is on at London’s IMT Gallery, opening November 3 and running to December 11.

IMT has invited New York-based artist and writer Legacy Russell and features work by Niv Acosta, Evan Ifekoya, E. Jane, Devin Kenny, Fannie Sosa, Tabita Rezaire and Hannah Black. The exhibition brings work together that is currently exploring “race via the the material of the Internet” and is a response to Doreen St. Félix‘s essay ‘The Peril of Black Mobility’.

The title alludes to the identity of the flâneur, a term coined by Baudelaire that refererd to “a roving soul in search of a body” and situates “a spotlight on the privileged white body that Baudelaire’s ‘roving soul’ has historically inhabited. Here, the panel asks: what can the Internet do for the black flâneur?”

Related events to this programme include Technology Now: Blackness on the Internet at London’s ICA on November 16, which will host a discussion between Rizvana Bradley, Taylor Le Melle, Derica Shields and moderated by Russell.

Niv Acosta will perform Clapback at IMT on December 1; first premiered early this year at KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin.

Evan Ifekoya and Ain Bailey will be in conversation at the ICA on December 9.

See the IMT Gallery website for details.**

Header Image: E.Jane ‘Freak in Me’, (2016). Courtesy of artist + New Hive Website.

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Image Music Text @ IMT Gallery, Sep 2

30 August 2016

Division of Labour present Image Music Text  at London’s IMT Gallery, opening on September 1 and running to October 16.

The group exhibition features works by Andrew Gillespie, Andrew Lacon and Joanne Masding, who all live and work in Birmingham. The collaborative project looks at ways of redefining image, music and text through re-construction, a mining of their origin that are “photo-copied, torn-out, ripped-off / the stock is marble, broken concrete, holograms and polythene clouds / pop music and high renaissance excavated from seams of educational documentation… veins of NME… lodes of museum catalogues / antiquity scoured and frack’d”.

In addition to some process-based information, the press release also includes the hashtag #DoLdoesIMT and a  spotify playlist to accompany the exhibition.

See the FB event page for more details.**

Joanne Masding, 'New rehang' series 3 (2015). Courtesy the artist.
Joanne Masding, ‘New rehang’ series 3 (2015). Courtesy the artist.
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Feeling Safer @ IMT Gallery, Jun 2 – Jul 10

1 June 2016

The Feeling Safer group exhibition is on at London’s IMT Gallery opening June 2 and running July 10.

The press release, written from the perspective of an unknown character called Kim describes feeling anxious about the private nature of small galleries like IMT, hidden behind honey suckle and “halfway between the Metropolis strip club and the Museum of Childhood”. It describes a fear towards the way artists deal with the feelings around the end of the world, “when the grid is cut off” via Valerie Solanas’ ‘S.C.U.M. (Society for Cutting Up Men)’ manifesto —which is quoted in the text:

“…Lacking faith in their ability to change anything, resigned to the status quo, they [artists] have to see beauty in turds.”

Helping the protagonist in the press release ‘feel safer’ in the IMT space are artists David Burrows, Joey Holder, Elliot Dodd, Verity Birt, Luke McCreadie and Maggie Roberts (as orphan Drift, a group Roberts co-founded that remix visuals and audio from the 90s.).

On the opening night artist group AAS will present performance, Farming The Young / On The Mirrors Of Yukon, described as “a fractal palimpsest of data for future generations”.

See the Feeling Safer website for more information.**

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Mathew Parkin @ IMT Gallery, Apr 7 – May 15

6 April 2016

Mathew Parkin is presenting solo show I believe in you at London’s IMT Gallery, opening April 7 and running May 15.

At the core of the exhibition is a film following a pilgrimage to see a show of Felix Gonzalez-Torres in Belfast. The movie, according to the show’s text, is a sincere attempt to articulate a personal language of desire and intimacy. It combines footage from webcam and iPhone.

The artist, who is interested in coming in to contact with what he sees and likes the look of, will also include a series of interventions, such as providing lube, and tea and coffee, as the month progresses to compliment the film. In this respect then the viewers will become users rather than only spectators and Parkin will continue his exploration of care, transmittance and articulation of experience as a surface —this time the surface acting as the exhibition structure itself.

There will be accompanying music by Simon Boase in a work titled ‘The Punishment of Luxury’.

See the FB event page for details.**

Mathew Parkin, instagram image (2016). Courtesy the artist
Mathew Parkin, instagram image (2016). Courtesy the artist.
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I’M Ten @ IMT, Sep 3 – Oct 2

2 September 2015

IMT Gallery is presenting I’M Ten, a benefit auction and exhibition of over 150 emerging artists running at the London gallery from September 3 to October 2, to be auctioned at Paddle8 online from September 17.

The event is being held to celebrate the 10th anniversary of IMT, features works by the likes of  0rphan Drift, Joey Holder, Larry Achiampong, Harry Meadley and David Steans, and follows last year’s Paddles ON! IRL auction of digital art in conjunction with Paddle8 online in London that featured Amalia Ulman, Sarah Ludy and Maja Cule among others.

See the IMT Gallery website for details. **

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Anticipating Sounds like…

20 May 2015

The future is without body, in the most literal sense. In an age of growing totalitarian surveillance states feeding off an increasingly hyper-represented public, to be bodiless is to be free. The digital arena provides a test pilot for this kind of freedom with all its unrestrained depravity and joy, the rehearsal stage for a future in which we are not merely the sum of our parts. But for now, the most we can do is play at it, as Ivana Basic says in a recent interview with aqnb, or play with it, as Hannah Black does in another. The disappearing body, however, is appearing all around us.

sounds like

Sounds like… is not the first, maybe not even the umpteenth project to gain its origins in a wariness of bodily representation. In the last year alone, there was the Looks and Trace Bodies exhibitions at the ICA,  SALT.s Manifesto issue and editor Jala Wahid‘s online exhibition Soft Ache at, Czech-run Artyč‘s I turn the images of my voice in my head, and nearly everything Chez Deep has touched. The premise might not be new, but it echoes a growing anxiety in contemporary society, that the Sound like… organisers define as “the inescapibility of gazing and being gazed upon… the vulnerability of being imaged”.

The spring launch of the Sounds like… sonic project, launching at London’s IMT Gallery on May 28, comes as an attempt “to value the stuttering, blurting and screaming of our fallible bodies and machines”. To value, it follows, is to value the limits, and the project denies the demand for hyperstimulation, opting instead to invest in one sense: “the affective power audio, its ability to literally touch our atoms”. Kicking off with the first of the No Screening event series to coincide with their launch on May 28, the online publishing platform will consist of experimental performance podcasts designed by artists and collectives, released online for free listening and downloading. Swinging from music to poetry, to noise and sound installations, the podcasts address Sounds like…’s belief that sound is resistant: “[I]t is capturable but not always recuperable; it fails and it falls; it is strange and difficult. It is immediate and inherent: we are all born with our own voices and gurgling bodies. There is no silence, our world is not a vacuum.


The podcasts bring a range of talent, including London-based artist Cristine Brache, whose body-centric work was featured in the Gregory Kalliche-curated publication and two-person exhibition 57 Cell. For her podcasts, Brache brings ‘Hello Poetry Lovers and Degenerates’, featuring poetry readings by ten artists, including Holly Childs and Orion Facey, as well as ‘Title to Come’, a collection of orgasms made and recorded by various artists and writers, including Maja Malou Lyse, Arvida Byström, and Aurorae Parker.

Other podcasts include Sarah Boulton‘s ‘Never Ever’ and her ‘unlike living and love (remix of L&L 2015)’ songs, produced in collaboration with Benedict Drew and James Lowne. There are three poems by James Massiah, a new ‘Biothanatos’ running track by Rumi JosephsUlijona Odišarija‘s ‘I did it my way’, Freebury Williams as Flying Chavus, Reman Sadani’s ‘A prayer’,  Shenece Liburd‘s ‘The AWW and the AHH’ and ‘MMMM’’) and Cassandre Greenberg‘s ‘( ) otherwise known as silence’. **

Sounds like… will launch with the first of the No Screening event series at London’s IMT Gallery on May 28.

Header image courtesy Sounds like…

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Lotte Rose Kjær @ IMT Gallery, Jan 23

23 January 2014

Copenhagen-based artist Lotte Rose Kjær Skau is presenting her first solo exhibition, United We/I Stand Etc. at London’s Image Music Text Gallery, running January 23 to March 2.

Working across video, installation and sound, Kjær Skau draws from a culture of mass music releases by unsigned hip hop artists in an effort to generate a growing swell of interest in the mainstream music industry. As a musician in her own right releasing material via Sound Esc, she’s taken a similar approach to her own video and gif work since 2012, by accumulating multiple self-portraits replicating instances of “vanity, fragility and serendipitous beauty” in online user-generated content to establish a thread that feeds into a stronger current of contemporary culture.

See the Image Music Text Gallery website for details. **

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