A Planetary Order @ Christian Ehrentraut, Jan 10 – Feb 15

, 10 January 2014

Three artists, Martin John CallananRebecca Partridge and Katie Paterson present A Planetary Order at galerie Christian Ehrentraut in Berlin, running January 10 to February 15.

Exploring “meta-narratives of time, landscape and systematic abstraction” the group exhibition incorporates hybridised approaches to painting, sculpture and new media in order to critically engage with the contemporary metaphysical. That’s not only a continuation of Callanan’s preoccupation with international organisations and authorities but the exhibition itself is named after his 3D globe ‘A Planetary Order (Terrestrial Cloud Globe)‘ as a ‘physical visualisation of real-time scientific data’, and presented in juxtaposition with Partridge and Paterson’s equally unique and playful approaches to global subjectivities.

See the Christian Ehrentraut website for details. **

Katie Paterson, 'As the world turns'
Katie Paterson, ‘As the world turns